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9 Great Reasons to Shop Second-Hand:

  1. The 'Thrill of the Hunt' is alive and well when you find that great item for a bargain price.

  2. You're helping the planet by keeping items out of the landfill.

  3. You can get higher quality pieces for less money than when buying low quality items.

  4. Buying second-hand reduces demand for new resources and saves on packaging.

  5. There are no wait times. You can get your purchase immediately.

  6. Furnishing your home with second-hand items adds character, quality, warmth and interest.

  7. Inexpensive new furniture is often made with particle board containing formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, which off-gasses into your home.

  8. Older furniture is made with quality solid wood construction, with no dangerous substances.

  9. You can buy interesting, one-of-a-kind quality items, and save money at the same time. Who wouldn't love that?


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